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Secure your portion of enjoyment

Please let us know how many bags of fine cream caramel we can produce for you.

Delivery within Switzerland with A-package 9 Fr.


Free shipping from 6 Säckli



Postal code and location*

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Appenzell cream caramel "Original"

Appenzeller cream caramel "Alpensalz"

Appenzell cream caramel "fine chocolate"

Text Appenzell cream caramel "Amaretti"

Appenzeller cream caramel "ginger"

Appenzeller cream caramel "Lavender"

Your Caramel subscription


What happens after your order?

After we have received your order, we will contact you with a confirmation email. Unfortunately, we have to insist on prepayment and ask you to make your payment by bank transfer or quickly and easily via Twint after receiving the email. 

Your cream caramels will be freshly produced for you on the production date and lovingly packed after a drying phase before we send them on their way to you by priority mail. 

Please allow up to 5 working days for this.     


Greetings from Urnäsch

Thomas & Laura 

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